What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is generally defined as an altered state of consciousness, sometimes called a trance. But more generally, it is a natural state that we experience through different forms many times a day without realizing it. Its therapeutic applications are now recognized and its effects studied by neurosciences (more than 15,000 articles published on PubMed, the reference site for medical research).

Advances in neurosciences and psychology have highlighted the fact that automatic behaviors and emotions are central to our world interpretation and our decision-making. According to some researchers, even 90% of our brain activity is unconscious.

The hypnotic trance, by slowing down the frequency of brain waves and refocusing attention, is a way to access these unconscious mechanisms and to build new behaviors, abilities or perceptions. Hypnotherapy is just a brief, solution-oriented therapy developed by great therapists (such as Milton Erickson) using the resources of the unconscious mind.

Should I try hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is right for you if:

–       something (stress, anxieties, fears, compulsions) weighs you down on a daily basis and prevents you from achieving your goals;

–       you have noticed that your body is experiencing troublesome symptoms (sleep disorders, pain, fatigue) and you have verified that this is not entirely physiological;

–       you have identified that emotions or limiting beliefs may be the source of your problem but you have not yet found the key;

–       you have tried several methods to get better, without success, and you want to try therapeutic hypnosis in a professional setting with a passionate practitioner;

–       you want to know more about yourself and reconnect with yourself;

– and you are motivated and ready to invest yourself in making a difference.

Example of applications

Hypnotherapy can help you to:

– remove the blockages that prevent you from moving forward in life (smoking and other bad habits, anxiety, phobias, insomnia);

– cope with the challenges of life (pain management, mourning, trauma);

– mobilize your resources to achieve your personal goals (self confidence, speaking in public, exams, weight loss, sports performance);

– get to know yourself better by exploring your emotions.

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